Invite team members to your applications.

Each account has a Team. You can invite members of your Team to collaborate with you. Team members will have read access to all your projects. This allows organizations to have more than 1 user managing their projects.

Technical account

If you are an organization, it’s advised to create a technical account, for example, [email protected], that will be the owner of your projects, and invite your organization members to your account.


Team members can perform actions according to the role that you gave them.


Administrators can do anything the team owner can do, including index deletions.


An Editor can create, view, and update your project’s settings, but he can’t make any delete actions. Billing and Team settings are also forbidden to him.


In the Team settings, you can manage your team members.

Invite a member

To invite members to your Team, enter their email address in the invitation box within your Team settings.

The new member must then accept their invitation and set a password for his account. After, he can log in to the application and view your projects.

The invitations are valid forever. If you wish to delete an invitation that the user didn’t accept, you can do it in the team management settings.

Change member role

You can update a member’s role from the 3 dots menu in the members’ table by selecting “Make Editor” or “Make Admin”.

Remove a team member

To remove a team member, click on the 3 dots menu in the team members table and select “Remove Team Member”.

Team owner

The team owner can’t be removed from the Team and from all the applications that belong to him.