Searching is the process of finding Hits for a given Query.

Once you have set up your Index and a Search for your Index, you can start sending HTTP requests containing user Queries, and receive matched Hits.

Index Searches

Every time an new Index is created there is also a new Search with the same name making the Index directly Searchable.

This is the Search Endpoint for your Sigmie Application.


And this is how your JSON body has to look like

  "query": "peter pan"

API Keys

Both API Key types will work to send Search queries.


That's how a Search response looks like

  "hits": {
    "Ont8qIIBrbFU6hq5wjQx": {
      "_id": "Ont8qIIBrbFU6hq5wjQx",
      "_score": 7.398651,
      "name": "Peter Pan",
      "category": ["Fantasy", "Adventure"],
      "_highlight": {
        "category": ["<b>Adventure</b>"]
      "release_year": "1953",
      "duration_minutes": 76
    "M3t8qIIBrbFU6hq5wjQx": {
      "_id": "M3t8qIIBrbFU6hq5wjQx",
      "_score": 7.398651,
      "_highlight": {
        "category": ["<b>Adventure</b>"]
      "name": "Treasure Planet",
      "category": ["Adventure", "Sci-fi"],
      "release_year": "2002",
      "duration_minutes": 95
    "dns3l4IBrbFU6hq5SC6R": {
      "_id": "dns3l4IBrbFU6hq5SC6R",
      "_score": 7.806194,
      "_highlight": {},
      "name": "Lilo & Stitch",
      "category": ["Family", "Comedy"],
      "release_year": "2002",
      "duration_minutes": 85
  "processing_time": 0.743,
  "total": 30,
  "per_page": 3,
  "page": 1,
  "query": "adventure 2002",
  "search": "disney-movies",
  "params": "",
  "index": "disney"

CORS - XMLHttpRequest

The API supports CORS requests making it possible to send Search HTTP requests directly from your application frontend.

Here an Axios example.

async function getHits() {
  const response = await Axios.get('/search/Disney-movies')

  return response.data.hits