Hightligh the matched words in the results.

Highlighting is part of a Search and works as follows:

You choose which attributes should be highlighted when Sigmie returns the Hits for the passed Query and define a prefix and a suffix.

Commonly the search results are displayed in HTML pages, so the prefix and the suffix will be HTML Tags.

So we sent the query "family movies," and the "family" token was matched in a Document. We also have set up the <span class="font-bold"> tag as a prefix and the </span> as a suffix.

The JSON response will look like this.

  // ...
  "hits": {
    "AHs3l4IBrbFU6hq5SDCR": {
      // ...
      "_highlight": {
        "category": ["<span class=\"font-bold\">Family</span>"]


You can choose which attributes to consider for Highlighting in your Search settings.


It's advised to only highlight attributes that you will show to the user for faster response times.


The prefix is the value that comes before the matched token. In HTML results, it could be <b> or in markdown results **.


Suffix is the value that comes after the matched token and in HTML page the suffix could be the closing bold tag </b> and again ** for markdown.