Split the Search hits into pages.


By default, Sigmie will return the first 20 matched Search results for a Query. You can customize this behavior in the Sigmie UI or using the API.

The pagination settings are configured on Search level.

Change the default limit

In the Pagination section in your Search settings, you can change the default pagination limit.

Paginate over the API

When searching the API returns a response like this.

  // ...
  "hits": [
    // ...
  "total": 30,
  "page": 1,
  "per_page": 20,
  "query": "disney"

You can use the page and per_page values to paginate over the found search results.

In this example, we retrieved the default 20 Document hits. Now, if you want the fetch the second page with the remaining 10 Documents. You can send the following JSON:

  "query": "disney",
  "page": 2

Of course, you can also change the per_page value.

  // ...
  "per_page": 30