Query Box

Test your Search settings.


Once you have configured your Searches you need to test your configurations. Start typing in the input field on top, and the "Query Box" will pop up in front of you, displaying details about how Sigmie processes your Query.

Choose your search

You can change the testing Search in the dropdown on the input's right side.


An intelligent search engine will split your Query into tokens.

For example, let's say that we have the query "Where did Nemo go" and that we have set the Whitespace tokenizer in our index settings. Then our search will split the given Query into the following four tokens:

  • Where
  • did
  • Nemo
  • go

Going one step further, if we have checked the language lowercase filter, the "Where" token will be changed to "where" and the "Nemo" to "nemo.

You can see how your search tokenizes the given tokens under the Tokens label.


While you are typing in the Query Box we are querying your search; The returned Documents that match the Query are called Hits.


Under the Hits label, you can see the documents that matched your Query sorted by score.


You can change the sorting criteria the in your Search settings.

By considering various criteria, Sigmie sets a score number for each Document during the search process.

Some of those criteria are:

  • How often does a token appear in a Document?
  • How long is the attribute that contains the matched token?
  • How many tokens appear in the Document?
  • What's the field tuning factor?

The higher Document the score, the higher will the Document in the hits list.

Document preview

By hovering over a Document id, you will see the Hit Documents with two lists of attributes.

Retrievable attributes

First on top are the Documents attributes that are retrieved.

You can edit this attribute list in the Retrievable attributes settings.

Highligted attributes

Second come the Hightlighted attributes .

Prefix & Suffix tags

The prefix and suffix tag that you chose won't have any effect in the Query Box.